Overall View

Ultra Long-Term Vision, Long-Term Strategy vision strategy

KWANSEI GRAND CHALLENGE 2039Kwansei Grand Challenge 2039

The Kwansei Grand Challenge 2039 is our conception of the future comprising both our
ultra long-term vision and long-term strategy, in anticipation of our 150th anniversary in 2039.
Moving forward, we will establish our Medium-Term Comprehensive Management Plan,
which will be based on this conception of the future.

Origin of the name

Kwansei The English spelling of the institution's name, as enshrined in the school songs, "Old Kwansei" and "A Song for Kwansei". Today, the institution's name is pronounced "Kansei Gakuin" in Japanese, but when the school was first founded, it was pronounced "Kwansei" in line with the English romanization of Chinese characters used at the time.
Grand This represents the "comprehensive" and "total" nature of this vision.
Challenge This represents our challenge of addressing difficult issues, and is used in the singular to indicate that it is one great challenge for Kwansei Gakuin.
2039 The 150th anniversary of the foundation of Kwansei Gakuin.