Ultra Long-Term Vision

Envision for Kwansei Gakuin and hope our school will become in 2039.


Educational Ideals

Foster individuals who can approach global issues with“strength and dignity”.

The mission of Kwansei Gakuin is to cultivate world citizens who embody “Mastery for Service” through education based on Christian principles, and to send them out into the world. A “world citizen” is someone who possesses the skills to communicate and empathize with others, then take responsibility for creating a better a better world. Sending out into the world many graduates who will play an active role in both the public sector, including international contributions, and the business sector, and creating true global leaders who possess “strength and dignity” and who will tackle global issues and lead the world to solutions – this is the Kwansei Gakuin ideal.


Undergraduate Education

Build the foundation for a fulfilling and meaningful life through contribution to the local community and global society.

They live with goals in mind, are equipped with high knowledge and skills, possess the strength of self-discipline, as well as the grace-with honesty and thoughtfulness-to serve their neighbors, society and the world. The final goal of our undergraduate education is to send our graduates with these qualities, which will allow them to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives. In addition, we are set “acquisition of learning outcomes”, “guarantee of student quality”, ”high-quality employment”, as the achievement of outcomes from learning during enrollment / the stage of graduation. Our long-term strategies converge towards these goals.


Graduate Education

Educate researchers and exceptional professionals who can devote effort to society’s demands.

To inherit the tradition of the production of researchers, narrow down to excellent researchers and implement multilateral and profound support.
In humanities, aiming to cultivate "exceptional professionals" with society and industry, In Science, enhancing the research labs by working to raise the percentage of students going to master's degree programs at our university.



Create world-class research in a competitive environment.

Rebuilding the environments to support a wide range of research that each faculty is working on and strengthen the organization. As such, for highly evaluated research that has accumulated results, to support more financial and human resources, and create world-class research.


Comprehensive and Integrated Education

Secure Kwansei Gakuin’s ideal as a comprehensive integrated educational institution through sharing the spirit of foundation.

Kwansei Gakuin is a comprehensive educational institution comprising nine schools from kindergarten to university. To nurture individuals who will be the core members of Kwansei Gakuin, establish the integrated educational system while developing unique educational policies and features, and aim to increase the percentage of students who advance to further education within Kwansei Gakuin.


Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration

Enhance the Kwansei Gakuin brand value in top-notch education and research through strengthening links with the industry and government.

Kwansei Gakuin will pursue further collaboration from multiple perspectives with industry, and national and local governments, in both education and research. On the research front, in the science and technology fields, we will further progress collaborations with world-class research institutes on Kansai-area. On the education front, we are undertaking a range of programs with a variety of external organizations in industry, government, academia, the United Nations and Foreign Affairs. We will continue to expand and strengthen these networks.



Evolve Kwansei Gakuin’s traditions of internationalization to a level of excellence.

The university and schools of Kwansei Gakuin will work together to evolve the “internationalist” traditions since its foundation to a level of excellence. Kwansei Gakuin University was chosen for the Top Global University Project (SGU). Kwansei Gakuin Senior High School and the Senri International School of Kwansei Gakuin have also been designed as Super Global High School (SGH). More than 35 nationalities are represented among the students and teachers on the campus of the Senri and Osaka International Schools of Kwansei Gakuin.


School Management

Establish a comprehensive management system through governance reform.

Appropriate high-quality management is imperative to achieving our visions. By establishing a Medium-Term Comprehensive Management Plan, through the coordination between the education and learning plans of the university and the other schools, and the infrastructure plans in areas such as finance, personnel, and construction, will achieve “comprehensive management” that uses management resources to maximum effect.


Digital Transformation

Improve the quality of Education and Research using digital technology, and transform operations and services.

In order to respond to the paradigm shift of the “post-COVID-19” age, we will actively proceed with measures for digital conversion in fields such as education and research, student and learning support, and operations and services, and will position DX as our most important management-related strategy.