About the future conception

Greeting Message

Akira Miyahara

Akira MiyaharaChair of the Board of Trustees

Kwansei Gakuin has been producing many graduates who active in the world with the spirit of construction "Educating based on the principles of Christianity" since its establishment. Now, we established the "Kwansei Grand Challenge 2039", comprises our "Ultra Long-Term Vision" which shows what we envision and hope our school will become in anticipation of its 150th anniversary in 2039, and our "Long-Term Strategy" which show the direction of achieving this vision in its first ten years. When we are entering an era where changes are intense and difficult to predict, Kwansei Gakuin confirms the mission, which cultivates to be creative and capable world citizens who embody its motto "Mastery for Service", and must keep changing with our beliefs toward the ideal. It is a big "Challenge" to difficult problems, just as the title. Please expect the departure of the new Kwansei Gakuin; more attractive.

About formulating “Kwansei Grand Challenge 2039”

Osamu Murata

Osamu MurataVice chair of the Board of Trustees, President

In 2039, Japan will become a super aging society; The population of 18-year-olds will shrink by approximately 30%; Society and how to work will be changed dramatically by AI. Students graduating now will be in their mid-40s. These future issues are also current issues. Kwansei Gakuin's graduates should be equipped with Strength and Dignity, and serve their neighbors, society and the world, be hoped to live fulfilling and meaningful lives. What types of knowledge, skills, and qualities can we foster in students? What kind of school should Kwansei Gakuin be in order to accomplish this? These are the main issues that run throughout our plan. Students will sufficiently equip themselves with the knowledge, skills and qualities (acquisition of learning outcomes), while the university will establish mechanisms to guarantee those outcomes (guarantee of students quality), and will allow students to achieve employment or the career paths that they desire (high-quality employment) . Kwansei Gakuin set on these goals, and move on to the process of establishing a Medium-Term Comprehensive Management Plan in FY2018.


  1. Including the achievement from learning, focus Students’ “Outcome”.

  2. Deductive extraction of issues from predicting the future.

  3. Establish a comprehensive plan, with coordination between the whole of Kwansei Gakuin

  4. Working together to proactive of Management and Teaching/Learning.

  5. Highly transparent process

  6. Setting Key Goal Indicators(KGIs) and Key Performance Indicators(KPIs).

Overall Formation Process

Overall Formation Process